Who are we?

A short history lesson

In the early 1930s, the GRL group, then still as a family business, started their first transport activities. Started as a transporter of coal, the company grew further to transport various materials. The focus has increasingly shifted to transporting glass and its raw materials. This gave more insight into the (waste) glass products and they were confronted with glass factories that could not reuse their rejected bottles. This led to the idea of ​​starting a glass recycling activity.

After several pilot projects, GRL made its first start on the industrial site in Lummen in 1980. GRL quickly grew into an advanced and modern glass recycling factory. Since innovation is one of the core values, pioneers were pioneered in the use of new techniques, such as the use of optical separators and a dry washing process. Power generation was provided to meet own needs of power and heat. In this way, our CO2 footprint was kept as small as possible.

The logistics branch has increasingly focused on the logistics chain from “glass waste to new raw material”.

The focus was on the collection of glass, both of a domestic and industrial nature. These collection activities took off when the glass collection activities were expanded in 2013 through the acquisition of KRB in Beerse. The fleet of crane trucks quadrupled and was modernized over time.

Quality of our products is central to the group. That is why investments were made in the private transport of shards to our customers. This was a very deliberate choice to continue to safeguard the quality of our products.

The focus was always on further sustainable development, both in terms of recycling and logistics. Commercial channels were tapped and differentiated.

As a result, the GRL group came under the microscope in 2016 of the German group Remondis, which was keen to expand its activities in Belgium. The takeover became a reality in December 2016.

As a result of this takeover, GRL has received strong support and continued efforts were made on innovation and development, but also on further globalization and aspects such as health and safety. As part of Remondis, the structure was further professionalised to where we are today.

Our recycling activity in Lummen is among the top in Europe. Every year we process up to 200,000 tons of waste glass and we export our shards worldwide, far beyond Europe.

In addition, the GRL group is today one of the most important glass waste collectors in Belgium with a fleet of 30 vehicles, which is exclusively focused on the transport of glass products.

GRL is a solid partner to step into the future. Our flat structure allows us to quickly anticipate customer demands and to play an important role in the future, with sustainability and ecology playing a prominent role.