My window is broken.

What do you do with your broken windows? As a consumer, you can also decide on the survival of your broken flat glass. More and more container parks are joining the flat glass collection system. GRL was the first to offer the collection system via the small bins at the container parks. Good training of the rangers, a clear sorting message for the environmentally conscious consumer and a well thought-out collection and processing system also give the used flat glass a new life.

Because you as a consumer have a very great influence on the life cycle of broken flat glass, we believe it is imperative that you be well informed about this.

What belongs in the flat glass container?

  • Reinforced flat glass (wire glass)
  • Mirror glass
  • Double glazing (with or without spacers)
  • Greenhouse glass
  • Tempered flat glass
  • Single flat glass
  • Colored flat glass

What does NOT belong in the flat glass container?

  • Other glass:
    Such as bottle glass (packaging glass), lamp glass, TV glass, laboratory glass and so on.
  • Laminated glass (car windows, bulletproof glass):
    This type of glass requires special treatment. Mixing with ordinary flat glass makes recycling of flat glass very difficult.
  • Glass ceramics (glass hobs, stove panes, etc.):
    The composition of this glass differs from normal flat glass in such a way that it absolutely has to be kept out of this flow.
  • Stained glass (leaded windows).