My bottle is empty

What do you do with your empty glass packaging? As a consumer, you decide on the further life of the used glass packaging. In Belgium, in addition to the well-organized collection system of Fost Plus, which stimulates collection via the glass globe, we also have numerous alternatives such as the door-to-door collection method and the well-known, highly-scoring container parks.

Because you, as a consumer, have a major influence on the life cycle of the glass packaging, we believe it is imperative that you be properly informed about this.

What belongs in the glass container?

You can go to the glass container with your empty bottles, jars and flasks. We prefer to collect rinsed glass, but you can leave the lids and caps on.

What does NOT belong in the glass container?

Ceramics, stone and porcelain Plates, bags, vases, stones, stone jars, figurines, etc. This does not melt in the glass oven and makes new bottles unusable. Container park – construction waste or bulky waste
Loose metals Batteries, nails, razor blades, aerosols, cans, etc. Metals do not melt in the glass oven and make new bottles unusable. They also affect the oven. Container park – metal waste
Flat glass Windows, mirrors, wire glass, laminated glass (car windows), tempered glass. This glass has a different composition than bottle glass. GRL container park: flat glass
Heat-resistant glass Casseroles, pyrex, coffee jugs, glass hobs, stove windows, fireplace protection glass, etc. These glasses have too high melting point so that they do not melt in the glass oven. This makes new bottles unusable. Container park – bulky waste
Lamps Incandescent lamps, TL- pipes, car lamps This glass often has a different composition and can contain heavy metals. Container park / Electrical shops TL = KGA light bulbs = bulky waste
TV screens Television or computer screens They contain heavy metals that interfere with the melting process. Container park: brown goods (other electrical appliances)
Food and drink scraps, paper, cardboard, wood, plastic , kitchen waste and other materials This type of waste disrupts the recycling process. Container park garbage bag, etc.