Our products / services

With our crane trucks we are active in the collection of waste glass. For example, we empty the glass balls on public roads and at container parks.

We also do not forget larger companies and catering establishments, we rent a wide range of containers and come to empty them periodically or on demand. Please contact us if you would like to receive a quote for this.

Our container trucks mainly serve breweries and glaziers. Our containers are filled by the customer on the business parks, after which we come to place an empty container and take the full one with us. In most cases, these changes even take place within 24 hours after the request.

Our fleet of tippers is used to transport recycled shards to glass factories. Due to their large capacity, this is the ideal way to deliver a lot of raw materials to our customers. In addition, these trucks are also used for other assignments that we can relate to the glass industry;

We are always looking for the ideal logistics solution. In this way, we can always consider which transport best suits our customer’s needs, be it road, water or rail.